Fashion: Colori Vivi – Clothes Handmade by Immigrant Women

Turin-based fashion startup “Colori Vivi” (Bright Colors) provides training and jobs for immigrant and Italian women.The studio’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection is made with fabrics donated by major international fashion houses.
Fashion brand Colori Vivi (Bright Colors) is launching a special collection for Spring/Summer 2022.The Turin-based startup is reportedly providing training and jobs to young Italian and immigrant women.
The social enterprise’s chief executive, Barbara Spezini, said on Thursday (April 21) that the studio’s creations revolve around “the concepts of beauty and diversity as central themes, such as those seen in the past. , we aim to enhance curvaceous or asymmetrical women”.
Designed by Alessandra Montanaro, the Spring/Summer 2022 collection is made with “high-quality fabrics donated by major international brands and local companies specializing in quality products.”
Thanks to a project funded by the city of Turin, the studio has hired seven women, including two Italians, and another four to work as interns.Other staff and trainees come from six countries: Afghanistan, Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, Pakistan and Tunisia.
“We’re giving these women a chance to succeed,” she said.The core of the brand is the concept of “integration and autonomy, self-determination and dignity”.
“We invest in social cohesion and reducing the impact of fashion on the environment,” Spezini emphasizes.”The quality is very high and the details are very careful,” she noted.
The studio is planning to hire three more workers: “A high-end cosmetics company asked us for a beauty box, and it has now placed an order for 5,000 pieces.”
Clients include sports associations and handbag companies, she said.Spezini added: “We are interested in both e-commerce and word of mouth” to fuel growth.Customers who buy the brand’s clothing are “between 20 and 70 years old”.
Customers are often women who “try to be protagonists of change” and “choose comfortable, soft clothes made from “premium fabrics,” the CEO said.
“The choice of fabric for a shirt or skirt makes the garment unique,” she concludes.

Post time: Apr-28-2022
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